Thursday, 4 September 2008


another powerful dragon type that i like and have 3 copies of is rayquaza . added to the 3 i own on diamond i also have 1 on each of ruby saphire and emerald .


this is another of my favorite pokemon i have 2 low level versions and a level 100 on my diamond game . on my ruby saphire and emerald i have at least 1 version because it is usually one of the first pokemon i catch .


this is as i think you can guess from my background my favorite pokemon . i like it so much in fact that i have got on pokemon diamond 3 which are all around lv50-60 and another one which i have trained to level 100 . also i have one that is lv62 on pokemon emerald .

strange pokemon variant

this is a pic of dialga from the new mystery dungeon game explorers of darkness . its called primal dialga and it occurs when time starts to get destroyed . i think it looks cool but i prefer the origional as people who dont have the game will think its a fake .

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